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We have heard a lot about superfoods recently. The benefits of blueberries hit the headlines in a big way last year and supermarkets in Australia were struggling to meet demand. It is also well known that broccoli is good for you. But how does it work?

Have you heard of Sulforaphane?

“Sulforaphane compound is particularly abundant in broccoli (but also present in cauliflower, cabbage, cress, bok choy,  mustard and similar green leaf vegetables). It is so good for you – it provides not just one, but two ways to prevent cancer through the complex mechanism of epigenetics.”

I have been listening to a program on the ABC about epigenetics….sounds a bit technical but it really was quite fascinating….

Diet, toxins and other forces change which genes get activated

Epigenetics, an increasing focus of research around the world, refers not just to our genetic code, but also to the way that…

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